Online Payment Centre - STEP 1

This service can only be used between the hours of 9:00am to 17:00pm - Monday to Friday

Please note: A 5.00 charge will be made for all credit card transactions on Clamp Releases only.
Fines will not be charged VAT as it is outside the scope.

Please complete STEP 1 of the form below:

These details are important for us to identify your account
Your Reference Number:
Vehicle Registration Number:
Location of Vehicle:
(if applicable)
Email address:

Please note: If the correct amount is not paid your vehicle will not be booked for a declamp. All transactions will be checked prior to release. If you are not sure please contact our payment section on 0208 651 0260

Once payment has been received your vehicle will be declamped within 2 hours or before if possible.

A receipt will be sent via email within 5 minutes.

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