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The ultimate patented system for removing obstructing vehicles without hassle or keys. Cars and vans (max weight 2.5 tons) can be moved quickly, easily and safely - without entry. Allows vital emergency access and wins back valuable lost parking spaces.

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cyber-eye.jpg (27625 bytes) Cyber Eye.

A small in vehicle infared security camera, camera is activated by key fob or foot switch and captures images of any one causing an offence. Idea for taxi's, baliffs or parking enforcement.

Price: 285.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

915.jpg (9331 bytes) Rhino Chain (own brand).

This chain is extra hardened sold secure gold.

1500mm in presented box with heavy duty padlock.

Price: 29.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

934.jpg (4072 bytes) NEW PRODUCT NEW DESIGN Rhino Chain

This chain has passed motor cycle GOLD/RHINO CHAIN. - 12MM 1.5

WHERE CAN IT BE USED, ANY WHERE. CHAIN TO A POST, MOTORCYCLE, BOAT, TRAILERS, WHEELS, MACHINES, CARAVANS. The chain works out double the size because of the two loop ends.

Price: 34.00 + VAT

Wheel Clamp Triangle Wheel Clamp.

As used by all local authorities and by street wheel clamping companies. UK's No.1 wheel clamp.

Price: 40.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

917.jpg (5520 bytes) Solid Hardened Metal Padlock.

Built in locking pin & 5 pin disc lock. Ideal for garage/shed/roller shutters. High Security

Price: 12.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

918.jpg (5453 bytes) LCC Own Brand With Armoured Outer Case.

Ideal for wheelclamping and other chain devices. Also suitable for roller shutters.

Price: 12.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

919.jpg (5413 bytes) Solid Steel Padlock - Top Security.

Ideal for wheel clamping and other chain devices. Also suitable for roller shutters.

Price: 12.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

920.jpg (4951 bytes) High Security Open Shackle Lock.

Used by most local authorities. Can be locked without key and a second member of staff can open lock when required.

Price: 11.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

921.jpg (4470 bytes) Solid Steel Lock (Large Type).

Also used by on street clamping companies.

Price: 13.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

922.jpg (6169 bytes) Police Wheel Clamp.

Used by local authorities & baliffs. Also good for trailers etc.

5 pin disc lock (high security).

Price: 98.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

925.jpg (6429 bytes) Wheel Clamp Standard.


This is for standard vehicles and trailers.

Easy fit.

Price: 99.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

924.jpg (8021 bytes) P11 Police Wheel Clamp.

Used by on street contractors. Home Office approved.

Price: 160.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

923.jpg (6144 bytes) HGV Lorry Clamp.

Also fits most 4x4's and big jeeps.

Price: 120.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

926.jpg (8915 bytes) Fixed Penalty Notice Pockets.

BOX OF 1,000

Price per box: 100.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

927.jpg (6228 bytes) Parking Permits.


Price: 460.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

928.jpg (4005 bytes) Tax Disk / Permit Holder.

1,000 per box

Price per box: 150.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

929.jpg (6115 bytes) Cable Lock.


Price: 11.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

Auto parking post Auto Parking Post.

Electronic Parking Post. Opens and closes with remote control key fob (2 supplied). Equipped with large capacity battery to supply power battery life approx. if used 4 times a day is 3 months (charger included)

Price: 85.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

930.jpg (3014 bytes) Parking Post.

Fold down parking post with built in top locking tubular key cylinder - Height 63cm


Price: 29.99 + VAT + Postage & Packing

931.jpg (4214 bytes) DVLA LINK Parking Enforcement companies / trade only enquires.

300 Enquires.

Price only: 350.00 + VAT

932.jpg (6162 bytes) Car Park Warning Signs.

We can print your own sign for you at the cost of 1000 per 800 signs.

Price per 800 signs: 1,000.00 + VAT + Postage & Packing

933.jpg (4587 bytes) LCC Fed lock.

Heavy Duty Lock

It will resist cutting, sawing, prying and hammer attacks.

Price: 15.50 + VAT + Postage & Packing

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